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O2 Aviation Services provides fleet planning and implementation services as well as market research and analysis support.

Transaction Arrangement Services

Originate and arrange transactions by leveraging our extensive network of investors with the right asset based acquisition/disposition opportunities.

Aircraft Re-Marketing and Management Services

Services include aircraft disposition (exchange, selling to another carrier, selling for parts or simply storage) as well as complete operational management support of the asset.

Asset Advisory Services - Commercial Aircraft

In an ever-changing environment, a properly administered airline fleet plan is developed and revised on a regular basis to ensure optimum allocation of the fleet and routes dictated by current demand. Most of the factors that determine the fleet plans are generated in the carrier's normal business planning process and consequently fleet plan can be considered an extension of an ever-moving business plan.

Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft purchasing can be a complex process, entailing different areas of expertise, including aircraft performance, interior options specification and selection, financing and regulatory compliance. With proven experience on both the buyer and the seller side, O2 Aviation Services can act as a reliable partner in a transaction. We divide the acquisition cycle into four stages:

Stage 1

  • Analyze short and long term aircraft requirements
  • Assist on the definition of the aircraft type that suits these requirements
  • Prepare a customized acquisition budget
  • Conduct a full national and international market research campaign to locate desired aircraft that meet the client's budget, needs and expectations

Stage 2

  • Present qualified aircraft candidates
  • Arrange meetings or physically inspect the aircraft, flight records, and log books
  • Discuss and evaluate the mechanical, cosmetic and modification status of the selected aircraft
  • Arrange demonstration flights as required

Stage 3

  • Work with client on selecting the final aircraft and establishing a purchase strategy
  • If necessary, assist with arranging financing
  • Negotiate the contract and contingencies of sale
  • If aircraft or client is overseas, arrange the import and export documents and transaction details
  • Arrange and monitor the pre-purchase inspection
  • Consult with tax advisers to obtain the most beneficial purchasing strategy for the client

Stage 4

  • After purchase delivery, assist with all acceptance flight, delivery, and local authority documentation (FAA, EASA, etc.) requirements
  • Coordination of delivery details
  • Assist with the transition of flight crews
  • Assist with any refurbishment of the aircraft, including developing a work scope and competitive bid of the project
  • Assist with ferry flight
  • Assist in networking client with other like operators and support facilities
  • Perform any follow up tasks as required

Start-up Services

Operational support includes assistance with entry-into-service plan, operational readiness evaluation, crew support recommendation and sourcing as well as assistance with logistics and spare parts support options through cooperation with various suppliers.

Operations Analysis and Development

Business Opportunity Document and Business Plan creation, operations evaluation and assessment, as well as marketing plans and staff recruitment support.

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O2 Aviation Services is actively seeking aircraft and engine trading opportunities. Please direct all inquiries and RFPs to Info@O2Aviation.com.

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